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CNC Machinery's Important Role in National Industry


CNC Machinery's Important Role in National Industry


Since the 21st century, with the continuous development ofnumerical control technology and application field expands, it plays a more andmore important role in the development (IT, automobile, light industry, medical,etc.), because the digital equipment needed for the industry has been the trendof modern development. Overall,the development trend of CNC lathe has the following three items:


1.       High speed, and high-accuracy

High speed and precision is the eternal goal of machine tooldevelopment. With the development ofscience and technology by leaps and bounds, mechanical and electronic productsrenewal speed up, precision and surface quality of parts processing will becomemore and more demanding. Tomeet the needs of the complicated and changeful market, the current machinesdevelop to high speed cutting, dry cutting and near-dry cutting direction; themachining accuracy is also in constant increase. On theother hand, the successful application of motorized spindle and linear motor, ceramicball bearings, high precision large lead hollow interior cooling and ball nuthigh cold low temperature high speed ball screw pair and linear guide rail pairwith ball bearing retainer features coming into market, which also createconditions for development towards high-speed, and precision machine tool.

CNC lathe are using motorized spindle, cancelled the belt, pulleyand gear, greatly reduce the moment of inertia of the main drive and improve theprecision of the spindle dynamic response speed and working, completely solvethe vibration and noise problem of spindle high-speed operation of the belt andpulley drive. The motorized spindlestructure can make the spindle speed reaches more than 10000 r/min.

Linear motor drive with High speed, deceleration features is good,and it has excellent response characteristics and accuracy. Using linear motor servo to drive, gets rid of intermediatetransmission link of the ball screw, and eliminates the transmission clearance(including reverse clearance). Motion inertia is small; system rigidity is good,which can position precision under the high speed, so as to improve the servoaccuracy greatly.

Linear rolling guide pair, it has very good thermal stabilitybecause its small gap is almost zero and the rolling friction is very small, smallerosion, and its fever can be ignored, which improve the positioning precision andrepeat positioning accuracy of the whole. Throughthe application of linear motor and linear rolling guide pair, which can makethe fast moving speed of machine tool from 10 to 20 m/min raised to 60 ~ 80m/min, the highest speed can reach 120 m/min.


2.      High reliability

The reliability of CNC machine tool is a key indicator of CNCmachine tool product quality. CNC machinetool can exert its high performance, high precision and high efficiency, andobtain good benefit; the key depends on its reliability.


3.      CNC Lathe design are using CAD and ModularStructure

With the popularity of computer application and the development ofsoftware technology, CAD technology has been widely developed. CAD not only can replace manual to complete thedrawing tedious work, but also more important is to select the design schemeand the static and dynamic characteristics of the large machine analysis,calculation, prediction and optimization design of the machine's working partscan be dynamic simulation. Onthe basis of the modular structure, product can be seen at the design stage ofthe three dimensional geometry model and accurate color. Using CAD, it can also greatly improve the workefficiency, improve the design of a success rate, so as to shorten thedevelopment cycle, reduce design cost, improve the market competition ability.

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