Welcome to Fladic Precision Technology Co.,Ltd

Five new CNC machines have been installed



Fladic specializes production and exports custom designed industry parts and hardwares. 
Our processes includes CNC machining/milling, turn machining, die-closed forging, casting, punching etc. 
Meanwhile, we can offer comprehensive finishes such as polishing, anodizing, plating, painting, PVD finishes 
We can deal with kinds of metal materials, especially in material aluminum, brass, SS etc. 
We pride ourselves on long-standing relationships with many of our customers, 
some of whom we've been able to provide design assistance (particularly in the area of manufacturability and cost reduction), 
JIT delivery, experimental parts, expedited deliveries when necessary. 
There is no MOQ limited in SMN, any inquiry from prototype to thousands of parts are same welcome. 
If you have a print you'd like us to look at, please contact us for a prompt, competitive quote. 

Our features: 
. Skilled, experienced and certified machinists 
. Consistent quality from first part to last in a production run 
. Much Competitive price based on efficient process and cheap labour cost in China 
. Capabilities to design or modify parts to customers prints 
. Pay close attention to the details of your product needs and respond quickly to your requests 

Main industries we are serving: 
> Kinds of OEM/ODM custom parts 
>Valve and pump industry 
>Motorcycle industry and aftermarket 
> Electronic devices 
>Hydraulic application parts 
>Decorative hardwares 
> Mould and tooling

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